Applications and Forms

NOTE****Our Application process has been adjusted due to COVID-19.  Please call or email prior to applying.  Thank You!  805-546-0814 or

To Apply, please print a Rental Application.. A separate form and application fee of $25.00 cash is required for each applicant over age of 18. The $25.00 application fee must be paid in cash when delivering your application to our office.  APPLICATIONS CAN NOT BE SUBMITTED FROM THIS WEBSITE.

Please complete and sign the forms, then call 805-546-0814 for delivery options.  In most cases the application needs to be delivered in person so that you can pay the processing fee.

If you need a co-signer...(required if a student) please print a parent co-signer apartment lease guarantee form. (See FAQ’s if unsure, but all Cal Poly and Cuesta College students need a co-signer no matter their age, others might also be required to have a co signer based upon employment length and position.)  This form needs to be accompanied by a copy of the co-signers drivers license and current pay stub.  If self employed or retired please call for acceptable documentation.

Parents can submit the co signer form and supporting documentation to us via email at  (Also see FAQ’s for additional information.)

If you have a new roommate or are changing roommates, please download a change of roommate lease amendment form.

TENANT’S NOTICE TO VACATE  Please fill this form out if you will not be renewing your lease and return with actual signature.  The date must be mutually agreed upon or your lease end date.  All current tenants need to sign.

cleaning letter – for current tenants preparing to move out.  (Prices listed might not be accurate from year to year.)

Thank you!